About Us

Clarum was founded to deliver powerful, intuitive and novel technology to the alternative investment industry.

Our mission

Generate quantitative insights from unstructured, qualitative data by leveraging novel technology and utilizing the wealth of private information.

Our Background

In 2023, we founded Clarum after identifying that the private-capital industry lacked tools to rapidly access pertinent information from their extensive public and private datasets.

We observed that despite the wealth of data at private equity firms' disposal, pinpointing the necessary data proves to be challenging. Notably, the challenge intensifies when it comes to extracting relevant information from the vast reserves of internal private data, both current and historical.

Our background is rooted in a tech-first approach, tightly coupled with finance. By constantly keeping up to date and working with the latest technologies, we are convinced that there is room for a software solution to enhance this process – and we created just that.

We strongly believe that leveraging data for quantitative signals will uproot the alternative investments sector, and we are committed to facilitating this through modern technology.

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